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Anonymous asked 6 years ago
Dear Dr Armpit, Help help help... I read you are able to help in a solution for having a very bad smell under the armpits. Personally I have never had this issue before, but after having a short relationship and being intimate several times with a guy 2 years ago at the age of 38, I have this smell under my armpits. Nothing works and I have tried só much different options like all sorts of deodorant (natural, chemical, cheap, expensive, zilver, salt, baking soda), anti transpirants, 96% alcohol, tea tree, iodine and making sure that I mostly wear cotton clothes, but really nothing works. I even worn the sleeping tshirt of my mom after she had worn it for a week, but that didn’t help either. Could you please help? This smell is an obstruction in daily life. Thanking you in advance. Kind regards, Mary Ann
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drarmpit answered 6 years ago
Hi Mary Ann, thanks for reaching out. We are working on a solution and will do a clinical trial soon. Do you want to participate? Please reach out on Best, Chris