only right armpit has slight malodor: how to fix?

Q&Aonly right armpit has slight malodor: how to fix?
Ralph asked 7 months ago
Hi Doc Chris, so as you may have read on the previous questions that I did the no soap, no deo, water washing only experiment since October 1, 2023. Now in December 10, 2023 and still going on with this experiment. My only issue is that: left pit, virtually odorless and pleasant smelling. No issues even when sweating. Cloth in the armpit part also doesn't have an odor. Right pit: doesn't have an offensive odor but starts to have a slight musty smell that is slightly detectable at a few inches from the nose, especially after sweating. right pit also sweats a little more than left. The odor tends to stay in the armpit area of the shirt when moistened by my sweat but lessens/disappears when the shirt and armpit is dry. The armpit skin itself doesn't smell much though, it only smells when I start sweating. I have some theories: - The sweaty odor from the right pit originates from malodorous bacteria deep in the skin layers and is released through sweat from the inside out. - There are certain bacteria that are persistent and the dominant (non-smelly) bacteria are not able to kick them out naturally. What are ways to improve my right pit Doc? Since it's becoming stagnant for almost a month now. Are there D.I.Y ways to transfer my left pit bacteria to the right? What about treating only my right pit with apple cider vinegar for a few days then stop and recolonize? How about waiting a little longer for my right pit to finally stop smelling bad? What can you suggest Doc? Hoping for an answer soon and thank you so much for taking time in reading my questions. It's really of great help.