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Anonymous asked 8 years ago
Hello Dr. Armpit, My brother only sweats from his left armpit. The right armpit does not seem to produce any sweat. My brother is in his late 20s and he only noticed this a few years ago. He is a competitive athlete and I would say he is a healthy guy. Should he be concerned about his inactive, right axillary apocrine sweat glands? Thank you for your time, Maverick
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drarmpit answered 8 years ago
Hello Maverick, thanks for your question. Don't think this is something to worry about. I have heard from many people that there is a difference in sweat production between left and right armpit. Maybe your brothers situation is an extreme case. Also, for people with hyperhidrosis, there are treatments to stop/reduce the armpit sweating. This usually results in more sweat production elsewhere on the body. The skin is a large organ: about 1.8m² on average, so the body can correct with more sweat production elsewhere on the skin. Best, Chris