Only Left Armpit stinks

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Anonymous asked 7 years ago
I've been noticing that my body has began sweating more in the past year- something that it normally hasn't done unless actually doing physical labor, however now I can be sitting at my desk and start sweating for no reason and chocked it up to my body changing. I am 37. Then in the past 4 months I have noticed that I have started getting BO. I have NEVER had a problem with BO, not even after working outside during summer in the sun. And I noticed that it's 99% my left underarm. I can bathe and start stinking within a couple hours. I wake up with stinky armpits. I have been slowly changing my diet but nothing quick or outrageous. Drinking more water, cutting back on sweet tea, sodas and beer. I've been slowly cutting out processed foods and also beef as beef has started to do quite a number on me. And I haven't bought deodorants containing aluminum for 2 years now and also avoiding anti-perspirants (I have been using TOMs or doTerra's deodorant with essential oils). I have researched and was left with more questions than answers as I have read about many women having issues with JUST their left armpits stinking. HELP!?