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Anonymous asked 8 years ago
Like others I have one smelly armpit while the other has no smell at all. My theories include antibiotic ointment used on the area years ago that disrupted the natural bacterial balance, and another theory that there is an imbalance between the left and right meridians of the body somehow. My left armpit has more hair, smells more, and not only that I find the left side of my body is more sensitive and reactive. For example, a bout of shingles only produced lesions on the left side, and I have lower pain tolerance on the left side. Not sure if it's just coincidence but maybe something worth investigating. Although the left underarm is smellier, the right armpit sweats more. Perhaps a block in toxin release from too many years of antiperspirant
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drarmpit answered 8 years ago
Dear Moon, thank you for your post. Overusage of antimicrobials (present in underarm cosmetics) and antibiotics can indeed lead to a disbalance in the underarm microbiome. It should be used moderate and in a controlled manner. Certain malodorous bacteria have gained dominance in the left armpit. More hair can also mean more apocrine sweat glands, which can have a direct effect with odor development. A relationship with sensitivity is unknown to me. Best regards, Chris