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Anonymous asked 7 years ago
I'd be grateful for your thoughts. I started using a 'problem' antiperspirant called Triple Dry six years ago because a medication was making me sweat more. It worked perfectly - no wetness, no odour. I've stopped taking the medication now, but have carried on using Triple Dry because it works so well. However recently, I have noticed an underarm odour, despite the fact that I have no wetness. The odour isn't there all the time - it mainly occurs during situations where a person might typically sweat e.g. when doing exercise, sitting in the sun. I'm confused because I thought it was 'wet sweat' reacting with bacteria that causes odour - yet I don't seem to have any 'wet sweat' (at worst, the skin is very very very slightly clammy at times, but mostly it is completely dry). I've even tried putting a layer of Rexona on top, but still have the odour. Do you have any idea what the cause might be? Or a solution? Many thanks.
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drarmpit answered 7 years ago
Hi Jane, the cause is the microbiome present in the skin (epidermis, sweat glands, hair roots etc). Bacteria are also present there and convert the apocrine sweat into malodorous compounds. We are looking for solutions, although it is not an easy task. Best, Chris