Andrew asked 2 years ago
Hi doctor armpit, from your experience as a researcher, what do you think about the use of OCTENIDINE HCL in the armpits? I ask you because I found a product made by the NIVEA brand, and one of its ingredients is the one I just mentioned to you. I thought about buying it but first I want to know your wise opinion. Would you recommend the use of that antiseptic?
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drarmpit Staff answered 1 year ago
Hi, thanks for your question. Octenidine dihydrochloride is a compound that is used in some antiseptic and deodorant products. It is a surfactant and potent antibacterial agent, effective at reducing the growth of bacteria on the skin, which can help to reduce body odor. Its use in the armpits is considered safe, however, it may cause skin irritation or an allergic reaction. In general it will cause a temporary improvement in underarm odor, as bacteria are killed. In the long run, it may stimulate the malodorous and more resistant bacteria to thrive, but more research is need to know the true impact. Best, Chris