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Kim asked 1 year ago
Hi Dr. Armpit! I\'ve had really bad armpit odor ever since i can remember. it smells so bad. oniony, musty, it stings my nose!  it is the bane of my existence and makes me depressed cause i can\'t enjoy normal things socially because of this.No deo or antiperspirant has ever worked on me.  I came across a reddit post that had success curing armpit odor by doing the ff: Step 1: not wash armpits for a week (no soap/deo)Step 2: wash with water only for the next 10-12 days ( no soap and deo) Step 3: Use Soap- free products microbiome gentle wash.  He posted it a year ago, i asked for an update and his rotten onion smell never came back. and still does the soap free method till today.  -------- I tried this method. -I didn\'t wash my armpits for 5 days.  -on the 6th day washed with water only.  I really had to wash with water on the 6th day cause, it was getting hard to breathe, i was getting too stinky. now on my 6th day, i don\'t think my body odor has reduced...  my question is: do you think i should continue or can u suggest another method that can hopefully \"fix\" my underarm\'s microbiome? my armpits smell so bad i dont even think i have any good bacteria :(  just while i wait for the release of your probiotic spray :(
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drarmpit Staff answered 8 months ago
Hi Kim, thanks for sharing your story. The no soap no deodorant experiment is worth the try, but also no guaranteed success. The idea is to give the microbiome the chance to re-establish. For some people this really works. For others, not so much. I do recommend trying it though. What you can also include is to do a hard antibacterial treatment (isobetadine wash or something that really kills bacteria) and then going on and avoid all underarm products. This gives a clean space for the bacteria to grow. Hopefully those will be the good ones. (we are working hard to get the probiotic deodorant out there - a crowdfund is coming soon!) Thanks. Chris