No Soap and Deodorant (A experiment – UPDATE)

Q&ACategory: QuestionsNo Soap and Deodorant (A experiment – UPDATE)
Ralph asked 7 months ago
Hi Dr. Chris, so its been about 9 weeks since I last used soap and deodorant on my armpits. I started on October 1, 2023. Still going strong with the experiment and I am noticing slow yet steady improvements. My odor is becoming less intense and more pleasant now. My diet isn't the best either yet I don't get an offensive odor anymore. I do have an odor but it just smells natural. I am curious though, since I now have cultivated a good armpit microbiome, does this mean that I will also transfer my good bacteria to my existing clothes? What I'm trying to do now is to get sweaty while wearing my work clothes so the good bacteria can populate the textiles and as a result, clothes odor won't be an issue anymore. Thank you Doc Chris for answering and I am looking forward to see how my microbiome can change in a few months more from now. 
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