New Genital Area Smell with a New Partner

Q&ANew Genital Area Smell with a New Partner
Joseph Stanton asked 3 years ago
Dear Dr. Armpit, I realized that the odor of my genital area changed to an awful one after I am with my new partner. She had many other sexual interactions than me in the past, and I suspect she captured a very dominant strain of BO bacteria. How can I get away from this?
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drarmpit Staff answered 2 years ago
Hi Joseph, the reason is indeed because you caught one or multiple bacteria that are causing these odors. You can try regaining your original microbiome by not washing or not applying anything there, so hopefully the original microbiome can come back. No guaranteed success though. Another way is to apply live lactobacilli - these make up a high amount of the genital microbiome. Feminine products sometimes contain live lactobacilli - I would try this in order to reverse the problem. Hopefully it works! Best, Chris