Mystery of my arm pit odor suddenly going away

Q&ACategory: QuestionsMystery of my arm pit odor suddenly going away
Anonymous asked 7 years ago
I am really perplexed about this. I have made several positive changes in diet and excercise frequency. I have dramatically reduced the amount of alcohol, began eating lots of organic vegetables, nuts, mushrooms and olives, etc.. I have also dramatically reduced the amount of sugary foods and do not touch processed foods anymore. The order stopped about 4-5 days ago. I am not complaining, but I can't find examples of this happening in my web research. I did also begin a supplement called Vital Stem and drink only black coffee, black and green tea, water, Kombucha, sometimes, coconut water...
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drarmpit answered 7 years ago
That is awesome! Thanks for sharing. In my recent study, we saw that nutrition effectively has an influence on body odor development and the underarm microbiome. Eating more vegetables, less meat, less fast food, and having a lower body mass index helps in increasing the 'good' bacteria and reducing the 'bad' ones. So all your actions will have had an effect on your underarm microbiome. The effect of nutrition is still small, but it can maybe be enough to smell the difference - it is to be tested! If other people have similar outcomes, please share with us!