My armpits smell worse with deodorant now?

Q&ACategory: QuestionsMy armpits smell worse with deodorant now?
Anonymous asked 9 years ago
I am 20 years old, a healthy eater an excerciser. I have never had a real issue with body odor and I have always worn deodorant. In the last couple weeks I have noticed my armpits smell really bad. Not the sour body odor when you sweat or don't wear deodorant, but a thick old powdery smell. I started putting on deodorant more frequently, but now it happens after only 10 minutes of wearing any kind of deodorant I've tried. I actually smell better not wearing it but if I sweat even a little I have regular body odor so that's not an option either. It's all of a sudden and it's killing me that I smell bad wearing deodorant.