my armpit smell like weed after smoking it once

Q&ACategory: Questionsmy armpit smell like weed after smoking it once
Anonymous asked 4 years ago
hi dr armpit i smoke marijuana two years now was once and year after that i been getting odour which smell like weed. Before never smoking i never get this high odour of weed… what seem to be the problem and what can i do to get rid of this high odour of weed i never get this high odour of weed…
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drarmpit answered 4 years ago
Hi Shauna, thanks for your question. There are two things there: First it is a thing with your odor receptors in the nose and brain. The smell of marijuana binds with particular receptors in the nose and links to the brain, and your brain assigns this to a certain odor and thoughts. Other molecules, which have nothing to do with marijuana can also bind closely t the same or similar receptors, linking it with your brain and tricking your brain into thinking it is the molecule that it first encoutered. I have experienced something similar before, and it is perfectly normal. You could ask a friend is he/she thinks the same about your armpit odor as well. Second, it is known that certain bacteria in the armpit can cause a marijuana-like odor, even though those people have never used marijuana once. It is rather rare, but it happens. I have tried to link it to certain bacteria, but my sample size was too small to draw conclusions. Best, Chris