My armpit odour is suddenly unrecognisable and seriously strong!

Q&ACategory: QuestionsMy armpit odour is suddenly unrecognisable and seriously strong!
Anonymous asked 4 years ago
Howdy! For the last two months I've noticed my armpit odour changing and becoming far More pungent. I recognise it as being very similar to my husbands body odour when it's at its strongest. It's just awful to no longer smell like myself, I feel there has been a hostile take over of my armpits! I hardly sweat at all but the smell is so overpowering it's still obvious after a shower. I don't think it's hormone related as I'm still in my 30's. How on earth to I fix this injustice?!! Help
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drarmpit answered 4 years ago
Hi, thanks for sharing your story. This looks very familiar. Chances are high you picked up the bacteria of your husband. This often happens when your own underarm microbiome was eradicated using antiperspirants and/or strong antibacterial agents. The underarm is then prone to bacterial colonization from external sources; this can be through physical contact or through clothes. We are working on solutions to change the underarm microbiome back to normal. Please contact me if you’d like to try one of our testers in future. Best, Chris