Anonymous south African female asked 3 years ago
Can you please ask the anonymous guy/girl you posted about who said he was cured by spironolactone after a month and a half from apocrine bromhidrosis. Can you ask what their daily dose was when the spironolactone  worked,and how much their Body Mass Index is. I ask this because I have had the same problem as him/her(high androgen level in my blood and armpit odour that nothing I've tried in the past 24 years has worked to stop it.(I've done botox,surgery etc...). I then after finding out I had a high androgen level at the Dr, was prescribed spironolactone, for 5 months and it didn't work. So I'm not sure if maybe the problem was that the dose was too little for my weight. Hence I would like to know their bmi and the dose they get,so I can see if I maybe I need to ask the doctor to increase the dose.