Maitha asked 4 years ago
Hello and best of luck with your research! 

i hope this specialization becomes more common among doctors everywhere!   i have very good personal hygiene but recently my underarms started smelling like musty mould smell. It is not like regular sour sweaty smell.  I am concerned about it. Let me know if you know what this smell means.   last year i had 2 occurrences of candida red bumps on my armpits.   thank you
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drarmpit Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi Maitha,
Thank you and thanks for sharing. The musty mould smell is probably linked to a specific Corynebacterium spp. Not the one that is usually dominant in underarms, but a rather rare one. It could also be coming from a Gram-negative bacterium called Moraxella. You could try a short and thorough antibacterial cleans for no more than a week, and then not use any product at all, so the microbiome can recover and this time hopefully without the stinky one.