Lume “Deodorant” / Bacteria disruptor

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Anonymous asked 6 years ago
I'm interested in Dr. Armpit's opinion on the new Lume "Deodorant". I put it in quotes because supposedly it's more of an odor preventative. Most deodorants contain antiperspirants that close the eccrine glands, reducing moisture, and/or perfumes that cover up body odor. Lume supposedly works differently — disabling an enzyme that bacteria need to consume molecules and release odor. It is unscented. I bought some and tried it on my groin area, and it works great. I haven't yet tried it on my armpits ... mostly because I naturalized them a long time ago, so I only use a spritz of vinegar after bathing and that tends to keep them mostly smell-free (plus washing my clothes in vinegar or bleach and only wearing natural fiber clothing, plus I had my underarm hair lasered, so nothing grows). Most days I have no stink, even after exercise. On occasion, especially around ovulation, I get crazy stinky armpits for a day or two. I'd like to use the Lume on those days, but I'm worried that I will disrupt my underarm biome. I'm also considering MiraDry, as it would reduce the sweat (even though I don't have a lot, I figured less sweat = less stink).