Look after underarm microbiome and acid mantle

Q&ALook after underarm microbiome and acid mantle
Anon asked 3 years ago
I\'ve moved away from harsh products like anti-bacterial /anti-microbial deodorants and natural deodorants with baking soda (high pH). They don\'t work for me! Hopefully my underarm skin flora and also the acid mantle is repairing. This means the skin can produce its own anti microbial peptides AMP (to defend against bacterial).  AMP work better if your skin hasn\'t been wiped of its acid mantle layer (with harsh alkaline ingredients like baking soda). I use pH neutral cleanser, Eg QV Wash, to clean my underarms. It\'s not perfect, but I think it\'s improving.  Tried epsom salt baths and kefir, as per suggestion from this forum. And also seemed to help. Hang in there, it\'s hard, but we are not alone!
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drarmpit Staff answered 2 years ago
Thanks for sharing!