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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
My left arm pit is very mild smelling, even without showering for over 24 hours. My right arm pit smells immediately after drying off from a shower, and it is very bad with in an hour... unless I use a heavy amount of product. I am not a heavy sweater while I sit at home on my computer all day. I dress very light and use temperature controls in my home to keep cool. Im fit and only 38 years old. Any suggestions on what I can do to get more of the "good" bacteria from my left pit to my right pit? Watched your Ted TALK. Great Job! Thanks.
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drarmpit answered 9 years ago
Hey Joshua, thanks for your question. It's because you have 1 or more unpleasant odor causing species in your right pit. Many people have the same. In most of the cases, the left and right armpit microbiome looks more or less the same, but with some extra bacteria in the malodorous one. The transplant is not really something you can do at home, at this point, we hope in future this can be done by your doctor/dermatologist. What you could try though, but again, this should be done in close collaboration with your doctor/dermatologist, is using antibiotics for a week in the right pit, so the malodorous ones are dead. Then let the armpit recolonize, hopefully by the good ones this time. Wear cotton clothes when you do so (clothes that never smell bad when you wear them). Please do this after consulting a dermatologist and don't overuse the antibiotics. Good luck. Chris