L. acidophilus efficacy in natural deodorants?

Q&ACategory: QuestionsL. acidophilus efficacy in natural deodorants?
Anonymous asked 6 years ago
Hi Chris, I am writing a blog post on natural deodorants and was curious if there is any research that supports the use of probiotics (specifically L. acidophilus found in many options today) in combating body odor? Essentially, is this a marketing technique or is there scientific merit to its use? Thank you!
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drarmpit answered 6 years ago
Hi Kerry, thanks for your question. And it is certainly a good question. More and more such products are popping up, but it is still unknown if it is really helpful. They are added because the public opinion is positive towards probiotics and it sounds healthy to use it. So marketing-wise it definitely makes sense. As to efficacy, no published literature is available on this topic. As for the theory; the bacteria alter the pH, which is a good idea in the underarm. Those bacteria do not naturally occur in the underarm or on the human skin, so they will only temporarily be present on skin and eventually die off. So all together, it sounds good, but we still don't know if it helps in the armpit. Best, Chris