Is there research in the US?

Q&ACategory: QuestionsIs there research in the US?
Anonymous asked 9 years ago
I just saw an article in the Washington Post about your talk on underarm body odor. Thank you so much for talking about this and researching the subject. I have a condition called hyperhidrosis, which makes me prone to skin issues. It has ruined many parts of my life specifically the chance to succeed at a vocation and having a normal social life. Could you please tell me if there is research going on anywhere in the U.S. like what you are doing? Could you also tell me of ways to increase good bacteria on the skin? I am praying God blesses you and your research is fruitful so that I and others can benefit. Respectfully, JP
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drarmpit answered 9 years ago
Dear JP, thank you, thank you a lot. Please read this. It may help to put things in perspective. But I know, having smelly armpits is a very uncomfortable issue... We are fully working on solutions to end smelly armpits. In US, North Carolina, Julie Horvath is investigating the armpit microbiology. If you contact her, please send her my regards. Best, Chris