Is deodorant change armpit odor?

Q&AIs deodorant change armpit odor?
an asked 4 years ago
Hello Dr, I dont really know what makes me having armpit odor (really strong but I and my family just can smell it a little) but other people have sniffed(itchy and headache) when they\'re close to me (about 10m). Before i used deodorant (old spice), i didnt have the armpit odor, it just happened when i used the deodorant over night ~3 times. After that, i cant do anything to make the odor dissappeared. Can you give me some solutions? sorry about my English. Thank you,  
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drarmpit Staff answered 4 years ago
Dear An, thanks for your question. Deodorants and especially antiperspirants have a very big impact on the underarm microbiome. Because of the antimicrobial ingredients, the bacteria become more stress tolerant and resistant towards the harsh ingredients. This is frequently accompanied with a higher abundance of odor-causing bacteria. This is also what happened in your case. What you can try is to stop using all underarm cosmetics at all to give the underarm microbiome the chance to re-establish. In the beginning it will be smelly, but after a week it should get better. Best of luck, Chris