is body odour have connection with obesity?

Q&ACategory: Questionsis body odour have connection with obesity?
Anonymous asked 8 years ago
I'm 21 and obese. What make it worse I got a really heavy body odour! I sweat a lot. And I notice deo or antiperspirant only make it worse like the smell got worse when I don't wear them! I shower very frequent but doesn't really help. Is it because my fat armpit?
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drarmpit answered 8 years ago
Hey, thanks for sharing. For now, we did not really see an impact of BMI on body odor. But when there is more and a thicker skin, the armpit is more occluded, with less oxygen influx, which has an impact on the bacterial community in the armpit. This can simultaneously lead to more sweat secretion. These two things can have a major impact on body odor creation: more anaerobic & lipophilic bacteria can lead to more unpleasant odors.