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Anonymous asked 5 years ago
Lots of rumors that vegans smell wired. Have you considered the role of changing the host internally, intern the host can now support a different microbio? For example when you do a transport have your subject take a probiotic internally, or papaya enzymes or Chlorella (or perhaps rub chlorella on first then transplant).... will this work better or sustain longer? What’s the relationship with the internal bio dome if any?
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drarmpit answered 4 years ago
Thank you – very interesting question. Yes there is absolutely a link between gut and skin. In our study we found that people who consume more vegetables smell better and have a higher relative abundance of good-odor associated bacteria. Similarly, we found that people who consume more meat and more fast food smell worse and have a higher relative abundance of malodor associated bacteria. Other nutritional patterns might also have an influence. We have not specifically analyzed for oral probiotics or the other things you describe. But yes, a better nutritional pattern can definitely aid in improving underarm odor. The gut-skin axis is real, and I expect to find more studies that prove this in near future. Best, Chris