im suicidal because of my smelly armpit

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Anonymous asked 5 years ago
I am suffering from armpit odor since I was 12 years old. I believe the cause of my body odor is 1.) I only took shower every morning, apply deodorant then wash it off the next morning. I should have showered twice a day. My deodorant stayed on my shirts and they werent washed properly (even though they smell fresh!). So at the age of 26, no deodorants works for me anymore. 2.) I developed Hyperhidrosis due to excessive working out and it made my body odor worse regardless of weather. So I went to have BOTOX on both my armpit, and it only worked for a week for me. I started sweating again. I believe this is what made my body odor worse too. So long story short, I am now a suicidal person. I have tried vegan diet, pills, botox, every deodorant (wasted money!) and electro antiperspirant. nothing works anymore. I also tried antibiotic creams on my armpit and my body odor is now the worst. please save your money and time for yourself i tried all and nothing worked.