I want to express to you my gratitude.

Q&AI want to express to you my gratitude.
Wakipe asked 3 years ago
Dear Dr. Armpit,  I’m a Japanese woman. I am a severe body odor. The population of Japanese Axillary odor is few, so I'm in trouble. I had the shearing method twice. But It recurred. Body order does not change after the recurrence. I write a blog about body odor. I met some Japanese who have body odor. I am exchanging information with them. Everyone is desperately living with problems. I knew you on Japanese TV program 3 years ago. I was happy. I'm not good at English. I read your website using a google translator. So, I don’t understand all. I read most of the questions up to a year ago. It took a long time. There was some shocking content, but it was good to know a lot. I studied by reading books on bacteria and drug resistance. I understand the difficulty of your research. I understand why my body odor doesn't go away no matter what I do. I'm relieved. I was chasing illusions until I met you. I have two types of body odor control. I don't think you agree.
1, Deodorant  2,Silicon gel sheet (Smith & Nephew)
I use secret(P&G). The effect is a few hours.I use a silicone gel sheet on armpit. Cover the entire sweat gland with a sheet. It does not smell because it does not allow sweat to pass through. I can't work without this. This method has many drawbacks. Especially vulnerable to heat and elasticity. I dream of having a biofilm that I can put on my armpit. I have a question for you.
What percentage of your research is now close to success? You are our savior.
I support you from Japan.

Many thanks
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drarmpit Staff answered 3 years ago
Dear Wakipe, (see Japanese translation below) thank you so much for your kind words. It really touches me. I appreciate a lot your effort to write in English. Japan is the only country in the world where bromhidrosis is considered a pathology and where treatment is paid back by the insurance - this is fantastic. In Japan it is very uncommon to have underarm body odor. The reason is because Japanese (and other East-Asians) have a mutation that results in much less apocrine sweat and also a different kind of apocrine sweat. Which makes it ever more difficult to cope with it if you are the only one in Japan (or so it may seem) to have body odor. It's a big stigma there, much more than than it is in Europe or America (and even here it is a stigma...). After reading the Q&A on this website, you probably realize that nothing is your fault. You have the same apocrine sweat genes as us here in the West. Your earwax is probably yellow and liquid, while other Japanese people generally have white, dry and flaky earwax. Earwax is a special form of apocrine sweat.  I am happy to see that you found some sort of regime to control body odor. But one problem is also the constant use of antimicrobials through the use of underarm cosmetics - they constantly kill bacteria, and what comes back are unwanted, odor-causing and biofilm-forming bacteria. This leads to a vicious circle.  My solution is to change the underarm microbiome, so that odor is not longer produced. We are making and doing trials, but covid19 is also influencing this. Nonetheless, I am persisting in my effort! Please subscribe to the mailing list to be updated once it is ready. I appreciate a lot your support and kind words - and will keep on working till I find the solution. Best regards, Chris   親愛なるワキペ、親切な言葉をありがとうございました。本当に感動します。英語で書くためのあなたの努力に感謝します。日本は、臭汗症が病状と見なされ、治療が保険によって返済される世界で唯一の国です-これは素晴らしいことです。日本では、腋毛の体臭はめったにありません。その理由は、日本人(および他の東アジア人)には、アポクリン汗がはるかに少なく、また異なる種類のアポクリン汗が生じる突然変異があるためです。これは、あなたが日本で唯一の体臭を持っている場合(またはそう思われるかもしれません)、それに対処することをこれまで以上に困難にします。それはヨーロッパやアメリカよりもはるかに大きな汚名です(そしてここでもそれは汚名です...)。このウェブサイトのQ&Aを読んだ後、あなたはおそらく何もあなたのせいではないことに気付くでしょう。あなたはここ西部で私たちと同じアポクリン汗遺伝子を持っています。あなたの耳垢はおそらく黄色で液体ですが、他の日本人は一般的に白く乾燥した薄片状の耳垢を持っています。耳垢はアポクリン汗の特殊な形態です。 あなたが体臭をコントロールするためのある種の体制を見つけたのを見てうれしいです。しかし、1つの問題は、腋毛化粧品の使用による抗菌剤の絶え間ない使用でもあります-それらは絶えずバクテリアを殺します、そして戻ってくるのは望ましくない、臭いを引き起こし、バイオフィルムを形成するバクテリアです。これは悪循環につながります。 私の解決策は、腋毛の微生物叢を変えて、臭いが出ないようにすることです。私たちは試験を行っていますが、covid19もこれに影響を与えています。それにもかかわらず、私は自分の努力に固執しています!準備ができたら更新されるメーリングリストに登録してください。 私はあなたのサポートと親切な言葉に感謝します-そして私が解決策を見つけるまで働き続けます。 よろしく、クリス