I think these only two real solutions that will help

Q&AI think these only two real solutions that will help
Collie asked 1 year ago
It’s only Spironolactone that sound real solution that will help most of us but problem is the side effects are serious especially for males and pregnant women for example sexual problems such as reduced sex drive and erectile dysfunction. because it the stops male hormones, testosterone, from working. and also you can get a heart problems. But overall it works against the odor for the most of us. This is the first solution, and the second solution is the probiotic spray that hasn’t come out yet  from drchris, so other than that there’s no cure are invented in regards to our issues, either we accept these side effects or waiting for something unknown, that’s my opinion. please share your opinion too
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drarmpit Staff answered 8 months ago
Hi Collie, thanks for sharing your insights. We are working hard to get the probiotic deodorant to the market, and in the meantime, we have identified some key pathways (and mitigations of those pathways) that are responsible for underarm body odor. These many years of research have really helped to gain more insights to fundamentally solve BO. Best, Chris