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Anonymous asked 6 years ago
Hello from the Netherlands! For many years since the age of like 12, Ive battled excessive sweat under my armpits and bad odour. Nothing over the counter helped. No deo, pure Alcohol didnt work. Antibacterial soaps didnt work. Id literally come straight out the shower still smelling bad! Only the deos with high amount of aluminum chloride would help, but Id still have to apply twice a day. And this would only work for a few days and it would stop being effective on me. Thats how bad it was! After my own research, I created my own product that helped instantly! Im still in shock that I figured something out for myself. Its been two weeks and I no longer experience bad odour. The first time using, the effect lasted for a day. I would smell odour the following day but barely. I figures out that i was probably reintroducing my old bacteria wearing my old clothing. I noticed also that my sweat would smell like my boyfriends if I borrowed his shirt (which isnt too bad at all). Now that i have bought new tshirts, Id barely have had to use my product. It has been two weeks now and I also noticed that I sweat less. I used to experience cold sweats. I would be in class feeling quite cold yet the sweat would just be dripping from my armpits. I cant say if its because Im experiencing less anxiety from being odour free or if its an effect of what Ive been using. Im not a scientific person and the more Ive read on this subject the more I wish I had a science background. This is why I am reaching out to you so I could share my findings and you share your knowledge!
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drarmpit answered 6 years ago
Hi Vivian, thanks for sharing. So how did you do it? You reinoculated your armpits with bacteria from your boyfriend?