I have a mysterious extreme body odor that i can\’t smell, however everyone else can. I tried everything to combat this but nothing ever works.

Q&AI have a mysterious extreme body odor that i can\’t smell, however everyone else can. I tried everything to combat this but nothing ever works.
Chey asked 2 years ago
    some context about me; i\'m a female, 45kg and i have
relatively healthy diet (eating veges, chicken, rarely
beef, salmon, no curries/onions/garlic, etc). I wash my
self 2x a day thoroughly and wear antiperspirant/
deodorant daily. I\'ve had this issue since 7 years ago, since i was 14. that
time, i didn\'t think much of it however i remember being
more conscious of my odor and that i tend to smell
easier compared to other people despite having good
hygiene. as i get older, i would get dirty looks from
people here and there, some people would move away
from the subway, cover their noses or stare back at me
for a few secs when i happen to stand behind them.
when i was 17-18, i realized that my underarms tend to
smell REALLY strong only about 10 minutes after
showering thoroughly\' i\'ve searched everything on the
internet, all kind of dri/antiperspirants/deo, unscented,
crystal, solid, roll on, natural deo, ALL kind of brands
tried every single one while spending lots of $$ just for
the sake of finding the right deo, which in the end none
of them are able to help my bo.
as i got older, i tried to drink 2 spoons of Chlorophyll
everyday, exfoliate my underarms 1x whenever i go out/
used deodorant during the day, used dri clor every
night before i sleep, and stridex pads in the morning
before i apply deodorant every morning. ALL THESE
because i\'m so fed up and desperate and i\'m trying the
most i can to just not smell
Well, after 2 hours at work, i started getting stares,
people would breathe out loudly when im in the elevator
with them (just me and the other person), and while the
AC on my office is super cold, i STILL Have body odor.
just to note, that ever since i drink chlorophyll, i never
smelt any odor from my underarms. however, reactions
from other people shows otherwise. at this point, no
matter how many efforts i did to not smell, everywhere i
go, there\'s always people staring at me when i pass bu
breathe out loudly, fixed/tightened their mask when i\'V
around, breathe really hard once i was standing right beside them (this one guy even stared at me in disgust and move away to stand on a different place further
than me) & people walking away in the subway to stand
in another place (although the subway was full).
i felt so hopeless and i\'ve always wished that i could
just die. i\'ve gone through so many years not only
feeling humiliated and being disgusted by people, but
also the fact that i can\'t really go anywhere to find cure
(tried all kind of medicines, didn\'t work), and the
closest people that i trust (parents) NEVER smelt
anything from me. they think i\'m delusional and was
really pissed at me and said that i need to stop
overreacting cuz i don\'t smell. i feel so helpless. i\'ve
always tried to have high hopes that it\'ll get better, but
it never did. I\'ve spent so many days crying for hours
and being numb, from all the experiences i\'ve had
outside due to reactions from other people. i\'ve no
where to go to and i just want to die. that is all. life is
just so unfair and i feel so fucking pathetic and
hopeless. there\'s no help, and even people you trust
says you\'re delusional, while strangers in public act as
if i have a really offensive body odor.