I found a very effective yet temporary cure

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Anonymous asked 8 years ago
Dear Chris, you asked me a while ago to keep in touch about the treatment my doctor recommended me. I ended up opting for the long-term use of oxybutynine (3 times 2,5mg/day), since it seemed to have lesser aggressive side-effects than the 2 week doxycycline + fusion cream antibiotics cure. On the 3rd day of taking oxybutinine, the sweating as well as the bad odour completely disappeared. I have been taking the drug for I think 3-4 months now and I haven't been having any problems or outbreaks since then!!! For the first time in five years or so! My armpits are always dry now and don't smell at all anymore! It really is a life-changer for me so far.. So I, as promised, come back on your platform to share my experience. I hope this option can help more people, as a temporary measure though. Indeed, if I quit taking the medication, the sweating and odour will come back. I have actually tried to reduce the prescribed dosis to 1x2,5mg a day, but then the ills come back pretty quickly. I am currentling taking 2x2,5mg/a day and it works out pretty ok. I sometimes smell a little bit but not in a dramatic way. My doctor explained that oxybutynine has an effect on the parasympaticus, and not on bacteria eradication (like in the case of the doxycycline+fusidin antibiotics cure). Still, it works out great for me so I thought this might also be valuable information for you, Chris. I still hope you will find a cure. It is amazing to no longer have bromhidrosis right now thanks to the medication, but it is still not ideal. You just want to feel normal.. and not be dependent on 3 pills a day to be able to feel as such. Keep up the good work and good luck to all of you. Kind regards, EVH (ps: perhaps someone wants to give the 2 week cure a try and report how that worked out for him/her?)
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drarmpit answered 8 years ago
Hey EVH, thanks for sharing. I'm happy that something works. Of course, it is only a temporary solution and it is not a good thing to keep on taking this medication. Meanwhile, we will continue searching for an alternative solution. Best, Chris