I feel like I’m ‘allergic’ to polyester

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Anonymous asked 6 years ago
Whenever I wear a poly or poly blend shirt, not only do I sweat more but it also smells terrible. I get that it's different bacteria and the weave of the fiber may make me overheat faster, but is it possible that my body sweats as an immune response? I don't know. I have a friend that makes this amazingly beautiful shirts, but I can't wear them because of the fabric (the new ones are tri-blend 50 poly 25 cotton 25 rayon. How do you think it rates in comparison to poly?
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drarmpit answered 6 years ago
Hi Sean, thanks for your question and I think many people can relate to this. It is well known that certain clothing fibers harbor more odor. To begin with, polyester is a synthetic fiber and has a poor capacity to absorb moisture. Cotton on the other hand is a natural fiber and has a very good capacity to absorb moisture and sweat. So that is one important reason why you sweat more in polyester than in cotton. It is possible that the skin is allergic against certain dyes or ingredients used in the clothing, but that would rather result in a redish rash, instead of sweating more. It is also possible that the body sweats in reaction to an infection (as a consequence of the immune system). I am not aware of an immune reaction to clothing fibers. How do you react to a 100% poly shirt? Best, Chris