I don’t get stinky!

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Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Years ago I went to a dermatologist with itchy dry skin. He basically said, "You don't get dirty. Just wash the 'naughty bits.'" To this day, I can go days without bathing, or merely wash with water, and while I smell like me, its not stinky body odor! I don't use deodorants or antiperspirants, because in Florida, the latter isn't really effective in the summertime anyway. This is kind of a very personal situation, because it's not the sort of thing you want to share with anyone! Thanks!
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drarmpit answered 9 years ago
Congratulations! You have the 'good' bacteria in your armpits which creates a normal odor. By not washing every day, or not overusing with underarm cosmetics, you keep it like that. The 'good' community does not get affected in any way. Don't get me wrong: using a little bit deodorants will not kill your good underarm microbiome. Ne quid nimis, or, don't use in it excess, would be my advice. Thanks for sharing.