how would tea tree oil affect the armpit microbiome?

Q&ACategory: Questionshow would tea tree oil affect the armpit microbiome?
Anonymous asked 7 years ago
Hi! Based on your research findings to date, what kind of arm pit hygiene do you recommend? What do you practice? Do you recommend any "natural" solutions? For example, tea tree oil or salt sticks? Or could these products result in killing off "good" non-smelly bacteria and provide "bad" smelly bacteria an opportunity to take over? I ditched conventional store bought deodorants/antiperspirants about 3 years ago. At that time, I began using milk of magnesia (MOM brand). This worked great through my pregnancy, but a few months after having my baby I started to stick. So did the roller ball applicator. So I bought a new one...same stick developed. Did stinky bacteria develop resistance and begin to flourish in my armpits and on deodorant roller? My new solution was a DIY recipe that includes coconut oil, baking soda, arrowroot powder, and tea tree oil. This has been working great. I still get a little damp, but not stinky. But about a month ago, I developed a yeast infection in one arm pit. Then the other armpit developed the yeast infection. Was my DIY deodorant disrupting the harmony of the microbiome by killing off some bacteria/yeast and permitting candida with an opportunity to take over? Thanks for your thoughts! I hope that by sharing my experience, I can helpful to you and/or others.
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drarmpit answered 7 years ago
Hi Monica, thanks for sharing your story with us. I honoustly do not know the effect of tea tree oil on the underarm microbiome. Skin yeast infections often occur in moist, warm and sweaty areas, where two skin areas touch; the armpit is a good example of that. Keeping them dry and clean helps preventing such an infection. And if it does occur, it's no disaster, you can easily treat it with over-the-counter products. Considering your other question: it's a good question which is the best practice/product for the underarm. We're looking into it. Best, Chris