How to be a subject?

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Anonymous asked 7 years ago
Please contact me if you are doing anymore studies. I believe I would be a wonderful subject for your research. I have had body odor since the age of 12 which appears to get worse with age. I have taken antibiotics in the past and it definitely influences the odor, however I go back to the same odor after a few weeks. The smell is fairly pungent and definitely influences my social life and career. I take 2 baths daily and use several deodorant combinations just to make it without smell for 2-3 hours. Friends and family state they can still smell me after a shower on some days, so I take up to 3 showers on those days! Let me know if you have room for me in a study. If I can't help myself, maybe I can help someone else in the future.
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drarmpit answered 7 years ago
Hi there, thanks for your feedback. I understand your situation and, actually, most of the people who visit this website do. You can reach me at Hopefully doing a trial soon. Best, Chris