How do I get the smell off my gym cloths?

Q&ACategory: QuestionsHow do I get the smell off my gym cloths?
Anonymous asked 4 years ago
Cloths get a bad smell after a while, tried vinegar, baking soda, special detergents, nothing seems to work.
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drarmpit answered 4 years ago
Hi, very good question and it intrigues me as well. There are a couple of do-it-yourself and home-remedies, such as: pre-soaking in vinegar before washing, antibacterial product on the troublesome areas before washing, washing at higher temperatures, washing with bleach, hanging in the sun, etc. But some, often older, clothing textiles has this returning malodor. Reason is bacteria that have nestled themselves in the textiles, as well as sweat/lipid molecules that are bound in the textiles. We are doing extensive research on this to get to the bottom of it. And of course trying to find solutions against it. Best, Chris