How do I get rid of onion body odor?

Q&AHow do I get rid of onion body odor?
Marley asked 4 years ago
Hi Doctor armpit,  I recently started having a strange onion smell in my armpit and in my pelvis area. I never had B.O before.However my friend had complained to me about her B.O issue and she used my towel.I suspect that I might have caught it from using the same towel but I’m not sure.My question would be is it possible that this B.O is bacterial/fungal and if so how would I get rid of it?I’m worried and it’s really affecting my confidence. thank you.
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drarmpit Staff answered 4 years ago
Hi Marley, thanks for reaching out. The problem has multiple origins, and one is definitely bacterial. Oniony body odor is linked with Staphylococcus hominis abundance. Regarding this, could you send me an email at info at drarmpit dot com? Best, Chris