how do i get rid of onion body odor?

Q&Ahow do i get rid of onion body odor?
A asked 3 years ago
Hello, I have severe onion odor coming from underneath my arms and have pretty much had it since I reached puberty. I swear like crazy from my armpits and it begins to smell very strongly of onions and overall a very unpleasant smell that I know people notice because I can easily smell it. It’s embarrassing especially since I’m 25 and have lived my life with this problem for so long. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you 
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drarmpit Staff answered 2 years ago
Hi, try to find the foods that are making it worse. Is it your breakfast cereals with milk? Try plant-based milk to see if it decreases. Or try non-wheat based cereals or something totally different (eggs), and see if it reduces. Maybe it's because you eat a lot of meat? You could try reducing the meat consumption and see if it improves. The answer is to be found in your diet. Optimizing your diet will also help reducing the oniony body odor. Of course it also has to do with the underarm microbiome, particularly Staphylococcus hominis. You can try an antibacterial soap, and afterwards applying nothing in the armpits anymore, in order to restore a healthy underarm microbiome. Hope this helps. Best, Chris