how do i get rid of my musty underarm odor it has ruined my life only 18

Q&ACategory: Questionshow do i get rid of my musty underarm odor it has ruined my life only 18
Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Hey dr.armpit i just stumbled across this website today and was so happy to have found you. My name is victoria and i have really bad musty armpit odor for 4 years it has ruined my life . I left school never went back im 18 going to be 19 and i want to do something with my life but its so hard to deal with peoples comments and reactions when i walk in everyone holds their nose and whisper things im just so sad i feel pain every day please help me chamge my life .
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drarmpit answered 9 years ago
Dear Victoria, thank you. I know it has a big impact in life. But please, try to find a way to cope with it (I know, easier said than done). It has a high psychological impact, while the odor is, in most cases, not that bad. We have investigated many armpits and saw that the personal value for the odor is usually much lower than it is in really (by our odor panel). Also be aware that many people have body odor; you are not alone. We are trying hard to find solutions against this. Meanwhile, you can try an antibacterial product to temporary reduce the odor production. Finally, we aim at reversing the bacterial presence to a 'good' microbiome, so this bad odor is not produced anymore. Best, Chris