How can I get rid of onion body odor not only in the armpits?

Q&AHow can I get rid of onion body odor not only in the armpits?
- asked 3 years ago
I’m really glad I found your page, I’ve been suffering from onion body odor in the armpits for so long. But for a year now I noticed that my nipples and vagina taste like onions too it leaves a really pungent after taste in the mouth and it’s really really embarrassing ( it tastes exactly what the armpits smell like if that makes sense). I’ve searched online and found out a lot of women are suffering from this too and can’t find any answers online. Everything the doctors and gynecologists say does not make sense I’m really tired of doctors asking me and other women if we eat alot of onions. I tried probiotics, liquid chlorophyll I even did the miradry treatment in my underarms I thought it could be related to the breasts but that didn’t help reduce the taste. Please help, please factor this in your research there are 0 medical answers to this condition and it’s really embarrassing to talk about.
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drarmpit Staff answered 2 years ago
There are indeed 0 medical answers to this. You got that right.  It is nonetheless a frequent question I receive. There is some research going into the oniony body odor pathway, and there were a number of papers published on this topic: 
  • Bawdon et al (2015). Identification of axillary Staphylococcus sp. involved in the production of the malodorous thioalcohol 3-methyl-3-sufanylhexan-1-ol:
  • Minhas et al (2018). Structural basis of malodour precursor transport in the human axilla:
  • Rudden et al (2020). The molecular basis of thioalcohol production in human body odour:
Research still has a long way to go to get to the bottom of this, and in order to find solutions against it. Especially females tend to have oniony body odor. Staphylococcus hominis also is more common in female armpits. That is one of the most abundant bacteria responsible for cleaving the precursor molecule into thioalcohols, which smell like onions. It sometimes also smells like garlic, vegetable soup, or even cannabis/weed. Getting rid of this bacterium helps in reducing the oniony body odor. That is easier said than done. In my research and experience though, the precursors are more produced based on your diet. I have given a couple of tips in earlier questions too. Try to find the foods that trigger or worsen the oniony body odor. And then try cutting them out, to see if the oniony odor reduces. Forget about chlorofyll - it's really the bulk of what you eat that determines the body odor. Analyze your diet, write everything down, and verify which makes it better or worse. The oniony smell will be there quite soon after you consumed something. Best of luck! Chris