how can I cure the itch, sweet at odor?

Q&ACategory: Questionshow can I cure the itch, sweet at odor?
Anonymous asked 7 years ago
My armpits start off well after I shower but then as the day goes on my armpits start itching, then they sweat and then they start smelling... lately the smell has gotten so bad I feel like everyone around me can smell me. It is so embarrassing and Im so miserable. The more deodorant I put on, the more I stink.
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drarmpit answered 7 years ago
Hi there, thanks for sharing. Know that you're not alone. Deodorants do not help against smelly bacteria. They will recolonize the underarm skin. One can never be sterile. Try to not use deodorant instead. It will be smelly at first, but after a while, your underarm microbiome can re-establish itself. There are good ones in there as well, but if they are constantly killed off, they won't help you anymore. So let the microbiome do its work instead. Many the good ones can regain their dominance and cause a better underarm odour. Best, Chris