Horrible smell after shower, no sweating at all

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Anonymous asked 8 years ago
I'm not sweaty person and didnt have trouble until I put on my freand shirt. Now for many years my both armpits smell bad, people can smell me 10 miles away, it's runed my life. I start getting paranoid and don't like go out often. I think I have bacteria overgrows that produces smell. I smell 99% of the time, even right after shower/bath. I desperately asking for help.
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drarmpit answered 8 years ago
Dear Kimberly, thanks for your post. It looks as if you got a bacterial transmission from your friends shirt. The bacteria occupy the inner skin (sweat glands, hair follicle) from where the malodor generation starts. Even right after the shower, the odor is there, as you cannot clean the 'inside' of your skin. Please know that you are not alone and that it has a big psychological impact. Good to know is that generally everybody who suffers from smelly armpits thinks the odor is much worse than it in reality is. That's logic, your nose is in very close proximity to your own armpits. People around you will not always notice this, and for sure will not make a problem out of it, because every human being faces own malodor at some point in life. Best regards, Chris