Hormones, breastcancer and armpit smell

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Anonymous asked 5 years ago
When I was placed on hormone tablets to block progesterone my left armpit started to smell awful.id didn’t matter how much I washed I couldn’t get the stench away until about a month after I stopped the tablets and my hormones seemed to be back to normal. According to the tablets there was a very high increase of breast cancer risk with those tablets and my left breast has always been a bit dodgy. Is there a link with armpit smell and early breastcancer?
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drarmpit answered 4 years ago
Thanks for sharing your story with us. Indeed, malodor can be an early indicator for a medical condition. If you have suspicions, please consult a doctor for a medical check-up. We also know that hormones are associated with underarm malodor. Throughout the month, the underarm odor can vary, with the worst odor around the time of the period. It has to do with what is secreted in the underarm, and less with the microbiome (although these can also vary and influence the malodor production). Best, Chris