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collie asked 12 months ago
Dr Chris, 1 Could it be possible by applying highly resistant beneficial bacteria such as lactobacillus and bifidobacteria to the skin( e.g. probiotic-10, 100billion) so they crowd out the other, unpleasant smell-creating bacteria, limiting their proliferation, and leaving you smelling fresh? 2 What if we add essential oil or vinegar to lactobacillus and bifidobacteria spray would it work ? 3 Will it also help the good bacteria that lives in axillary regions of underarms to grow back ?  
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drarmpit Staff answered 8 months ago
Hi Collie, thanks for the questions. To answer them: 1/ one can definitely try, but it has been tried before, and it was shown that they have a limited effect on body odor and in the underarm. Lactobacilli/Bifidobacteria are simply to accustomed to the underarm skin area; and they will quickly die. It's like putting a fish on the land. It will wiggle and try to do something, but it simply won't be able to survive there. 2/ Vinegar or anything that lowers the pH is a good idea. Essential oils can provide a good odor and some of them are effective in killing bacteria. But they won't support the fish on the land. 3/ The lower pH definitely helps to support the good bacteria in the underarms. A high pH on the other hand creates the reverse. Best, Chris