Hibiclens made into a deoderant?

Q&AHibiclens made into a deoderant?
mikey asked 5 years ago
Hi Dr. Armpit. Thank you for looking into this horrible afflication so many of us have.  I was wondering....I have used hibiclens solution under my armpits to lessen the smell...and it helps.  but I was wondering if you thought of trying to use the solution into a deoderant stick or paste that would keep killing the bacteria everytime it came in contact with?
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drarmpit Staff answered 5 years ago
Thank you for sharing! This is very antibacterial and will reduce the bacterial load in the underarms. Good for the short run, but maybe not ideal in the long run. We notice that such ingredients might mess up the microbiome, leading to a worsened situation. But everybody is different though, so I am happy it works out for you! Best, Chris