HI doctor Armpit! i hope you can help me

Q&ACategory: QuestionsHI doctor Armpit! i hope you can help me
Anonymous asked 6 years ago
Hi doctor armpit! I'm from Philippines. and i was searching for the cure of having body odor and i saw this. i am dealing with my under arm odor for almost 8 years up until now i really don't know for the cure of this. I've done all of the "i think" remedies but it didn't worked. i really don't know how to eliminate this kinda makes me feel uncomfortable anytime i stink. and i am really depressed having this unpleasant smell. please help me. :( if you can help this is my email to keep a conversation of lkmimay29@gmail.com pls i reaaly need your help. :( thank you sir!
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drarmpit answered 6 years ago
Dear Kristoff, thanks for your info. Duly noted and I'll keep you posted on updates! Best, Chris