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Blocked Nose asked 2 years ago
Reading your post I laughed in our despair. Word for word I thought I wrote it lmfao.   I have suffered pretty much the same from 12, now mid thirties. Lmfao it's dreadful. Your parents can smell it but don't have the courage to tell you.    I like you have used everything, the rocks, dri Clor, chlorophyll pills, liquids, spent thousands having my armpit microwaved to destroy the bloody sweet glands. I wanted them cut out, the doctor discouraged me. It would have been money for him but he said not to do it. Oh, in the consultation measured my sweat, non. From scientists experiments, a tiny spec of sweat will fill a whole room with odour so don't waste your efforts there. I took the microwave operation 4 times instead of 2 (google it). Went to a different company, yh I reek of desperate. What choice do we have.   So I have been wiping my pits every hour and use Dove 1/4 moisturizer deodorant. Then apply vaseline every night to save my skin from peeling. But Doctor Armpit may be into something here. Let's wait for what he is working hard on. There might be hope.    I have taken a contact centre job, customer service from Home. Covid provided this, it works well for us. The pay is great, plenty of overtime. Am home bound more I guess but, allows me to work in peace and save for the day I can be free.   We wait for science to catch up and smell the funk. 
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