Here’s longtime advice that works! Antibacterial GEL !

Q&ACategory: QuestionsHere’s longtime advice that works! Antibacterial GEL !
Anonymous asked 9 years ago
Science says, "oder causing bacteria" I've held a long time secret in this .... it's called get rid of the bacteria and notice the smell is gone! I've had a long time battle as, no deoderants seem to keep me protected thru the day, even tho I shower, scrub with soap and a wash cloth and use deoderant daily sometimes twice daily. So.... especially in polyester shirts it is hard to protect. BUT!!! Here's MY SECRET WEAPON and it works... even instead of deoderant or in addition to as needed while out..... go to the ladies room and apply antibacterial gel and rub it in under your armpits. I like bath and body works juniper breeze scent best. This is easy to store in your pocket or purse and you will NEVER EVER smell again! You're welcome. Please share with the world! :) TDK-NYC
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drarmpit answered 9 years ago
Thanks for sharing.