Anonymous asked 5 years ago
So what is being done to stop the bad bacteria.??I read your research and I am a witness that the more antiperspirant used, the more it changes the diversity of bacteria which creates a funkier smell. I was using (sweatblock )antiperspirant and even though it is making me dry, it is making the smell worst.Please help
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drarmpit answered 5 years ago
Hi, thanks for your question. We are working hard on finding solutions to turn the microbiome around, so no more malodor is emitted. I hope to share more when ready. Doing our best! One thing you can certainly do is stop the use of antiperspirants. That is the worst thing you can do in case of underarm body odor. It will only lead to a more diverse microbiome, a more stress resistant microbiome and more malodor-associated bacteria. The first week will be hard, but afterwards you will have a better microbiome which is -hopefully- less smelly. Best, Chris