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Anonymous asked 6 years ago
Ever since the 5th grade i have always been known as the smelly one. I try to do everything , try natural deodrants, different kind of soaps ,cutting out certain foods. And i have always been bullied or talked behind my back because of my odor. I have have even went to dermatologist that brushed off my body odor as "everyone has body odor some just have more than others" I am 21 and it really taking a toll on me .I love doing makeup but because i have to be in other people personal space i don't do it. My friends talk about my body odor and it just make me so sad. I tried doubling up on deodorant and even carry dryer downy sheets in my pockets in . Please help me because I am really tired of living like this. Im even scared of hugging people because of my body odor.
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drarmpit answered 6 years ago
Hi Ajah, I'm sorry to hear that. I know it definitely has a strong impact on daily life. What you could try to do is applying a topical antibiotic to see if that helps on the short term. Please consult your physician/dermatologist for that, as it probably needs to be prescribed. Best, Chris