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Anonymous asked 6 years ago
Does jogging(sweating) kill bacteria get rid body odor?
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drarmpit answered 6 years ago
Hi Sarah, thanks for your question. The skin produces compounds that naturally kill bacteria. The skin has a low pH at most body sites, due to acidic substances secreted by sweat glands, excreted by epidermal cells, but also by microbes. This low pH inhibits the growth of a wide variety of microbes. Apart from the pH, many of the substances present on the skin surface also have direct antimicrobial activity. Free fatty acids, particularly lauric and myristic acid, are the most effective antimicrobials. With jogging/sweating, the body secretes bacteriostatic compounds, but not to an extent that you will get rid of all the bacteria. You can never be sterile. Sweating dilutes lipids on the skin, and helps to evaporate odorous molecules. Sweating can also change the surface skin microbiome. Can jogging/sweating get rid of body odor? Difficult, but it can induce some changes. Best, chris